Indica vs Sativa

With the many different strains that are widely available today, it is crucial to know the key differences between the two main species of cannabis; Indica and Sativa. By understanding the differences between the two, this can help patients to make the right choice and satisfy their needs.

Physical Appearance

One of the ways to know whether your weed is either a Indica or Sativa is to identify the physical characteristics. Indica plants tend to be shorter and bushier (also described as being more dense) whereas Sativas are usually taller and thinner with finger-like leaves.  Indicas and Sativas can be further distinguished by their smell or terpene profile. The terpene profiles of Sativa strains are usually sweet, fruity, and citrusy whereas Indicas are often musky, earthy, and skunky.

Medical effects

The most important difference to know about the two main species of weed is the different medical effects that they each produce. Indicas elicit sedative effects such as mind and muscle relaxation. That is why it is recommended for Indicas to be taken during the evening time. Strong Indica strains can sometimes give patients a feeling of “couchlock”; a sense of deep relaxation that occurs while sitting on the couch.

On the other hand, Sativas are a great strain to smoke during the day time as it can boost energy and creativity levels. High quality sativa strains can induce a cerebral high that is commonly described as being more “woke”. Smoking a high quality sativa strain can ultimately provide the mind to flow more freely and allow the person to further think outside the box.

For any user of cannabis, this simplified breakdown can help them make a decision in picking a strain suitable to their needs. For example, if someone is stressed out and suffering from lack of appetite, it is highly recommended to choose a strain that is on the Indica side of things. As stated before, Indicas give off effects of relaxation and can help with your appetite by promoting food cravings; a phenomenon known as “munchies”.

Weed or cannabis is a product that can be used to promote beneficial effects based on what the person’s needs are. With everyone having different needs in regards to their daily life, choosing the right strain is crucial as it can further improve every aspect of their needs and thus promote an overall better lifestyle. 

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