How to make homemade Hash

How to make homemade Hash

Today we will begin by explaining what exactly is hash and how it is made with a step-by-step process that anyone can do!

What is hash and trichomes?

To understand what hash is, we must look to define what trichomes are. Trichomes are the hair-like substances you will find on your buds and the sticky resin you usually feel in between your fingers after touching a bud. Trichomes exist in many shapes and sizes, but there are three that appear most often on cannabis plants:

  1. Bulbous trichomes – are the smallest of the bunch, and they appear on the surface of the entire plant. Bulbous trichomes are as small as 10-15 micrometers, which is tiny enough to only be comprised of a handful of cells.
  2. Capitate sessile trichomes – are slightly larger and contain both a head and a stalk. These trichomes are quite a bit more abundant than bulbous trichomes.
  3. Capitate-stalked trichomes – range from anywhere between 50-100 micrometers wide, in other words they are much larger and can actually be seen by the naked eye.

Now what we know what trichomes are, we can easily define hash. In more simpler terms, hash is the by-product you get when you separate the trichomes form the cannabis plant. The way in which you separate the trichomes from the bud to get hash can be done so in many different processes, however it is generally done so by involving heat and pressurization.

Making Hash:

There are numerous ways to make hash, today we will explore the easiest Do It Yourself (DIY) method that requires no additional equipment and just your hands:

  1. Hand Rolling Method:

The hand-rolling method involves handling large amounts of cannabis.

This method is performed on dried and cured sativa/hybrid/indica buds.

Rolling the buds between the palms repeatedly until you notice a black layer of sticky resin form. You will know you have gathered enough material once you are able to form small spheres of hash. If you do not experience enough material, you should repeat the process with more buds until you gathered enough of the black layer to from a sphere.


Here is an important factor to note: since you are using your hands, expect to also collect some of the oils and dirt from the skin. So before you dive right in, be sure to wash your hands well!


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