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Photo of Eleven Roses taken by Reviewer 420Humber

Eleven Roses – Humber420/TreeLoverCanada/Next-Cell

The padded bubbler & the high end mylar bags protected this review order in a discreet, odorless & high class way. 

Eleven Roses AAA 

Bag Appeal- I received small/medium sized tightly dense buds. These nugs are dripping in trichomes which give it a  frosted appearance. The trim is great too. My Ranking: AAA+ 

Smell- The nose on this unique strain is sweet, berry,  and a bit floral. It is a complex and medium strength smell when in the jar and even stronger when busted up. My Ranking: AAA+ 

Cure- The nugs cure is great & fairly fresh. The interior is semi sticky & the ground up weed is sticky. The buds do not crumble when handled. My Ranking: AAA+ 

Vape Session- Very tasty and unique rips in the ditanium desktop vape. The flavour is very sweet, berry & grapey. The tokes are smooth and abundant. Ranking: AAA+ 

Buzz/Potency- This strain is highly Indica dominant and potent. The buzz has both a mind and body effect to it, with feelings of happiness, relaxation, spacey, munchies and couch lock sedation. My Ranking: AAA+


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