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99 Problems– Humber420/TreeLoverCanada/Next-Cell

The padded bubbler & the high end Mylar bags protected this review order in a discreet, odorless & high class way.

99 Problems AAAA

Bag Appeal- I received a very large size 5.9 gram nugget that is caked in crystal trichomes. The shape is unique, the bud is dense and the colours vary from different shades of greens, orange, and purples. I can also really appreciate its great quality trim. My Ranking: AAAA+

Smell- This strain has a creamy berry aroma with sweet & herbal notes. This weed is a medium strength smell in a jar & that aroma increases after it is ground up. My Ranking:AAAA

Cure- The cure is great on this mammoth bud. It doesn’t crumble between my fingers when pressed. The inside of the bud & the ground up weed is semi sticky.My Ranking: AAAA-

Vape Session- The flavour is tasty & unique, the vapor is plentiful and smooth. Overall this is a high quality vape session that deserves to be top shelf. My Ranking: AAAA+

Buzz/Potency- The high is a hybrid sativa dominant buzz, with moderately high THC potency. It is energizing, uplifting, and creative, but also relaxing, soothing & munchie inducing. Great buzz for daytimes or afternoons and the burn out is pretty subtle. My Ranking: AAAA


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