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Chem Scout Cookies – Humber420/TreeLoverCanada/Next-Cell

This review pack arrived in 2 days & it was packaged professionally, discreetly & it was damage free.

Chem Scout Cookies AAA-

Bag Appeal – These medium size nugs are a bit fluffy, trimmed fairly well & also have a healthy amount of trichomes. The orange pistils add a nice contrast to its vibrant green colours. My Ranking: AAA

Smell – The aroma is medium/low in stength when in bud form but that does increase after being ground up. The smell is a mix of creamy, herbal, a bit sweet & earthy. My Ranking: AAA-

Cure – The nugs feel slightly semi sticky in the middle & when ground up. The buds dont crumble when handled but they do feel slightly crispy. My Ranking: AAA

Vape Session – The sessions I have had were mostly smooth, with a slight creamy, nutty, & herbal taste. Vapour production is about average as well. My Ranking: AAA-

Potency/Buzz – The buzz is a hybrid effect of uplifting, happy, relaxing and spacey. The potency seems a bit low, so more sessions are needed to stay lifted. My Ranking: AAA-


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