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Photo of Face Off OG taken by Reviewer 420Humber

Face Off OG – Humber420/TreeLoverCanada/Next-Cell

This review pack arrived in 2 days & it was packaged professionally, discreetly & it was damage free.

Face Off OG AAA+ 

Bag Appeal – This strain arrived as a large dense nug that is trimmed well. The trichome coverage gives the bud a glossy appearance, which accents the forest green, dark green & orange colours quite well. My Ranking: AAA+

Smell – The smell is medium in stength when stored in a jar and it has the aroma of gassy, sweet, earthy skunk. It is a complex and sedating scent. My Ranking: AAA+

Cure – The weed feels semi sticky on the inside & when ground up. The nug doesn’t crumble when pressed between my fingers & the cure is fresh. My Ranking: AAA+

Vape Session – The vapor sesh quality is high & sessions are fun & enjoyable. Tokes are smooth, taste great & sessions last a long time. My Ranking: AAAA-

Potency/Buzz – The buzz is sedating, relaxing, spacey and fun. It feels fairly high in thc % and potency. This is a great strain for nights. My Ranking: AAA+


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