Review | 11 Week Pink Kush

Photo of 11 Week Pink Kush taken by Reviewer Bos

Strain – 11 Week Pink written by Bos

Visual/Texture The majority coming as one  large mass, tightly wound together with a rock hard density. Completely glued together by its sticky resinous lining. A trio of green shades spread over the surface space, lighter emerald, medium moss, and hues of darker forest tones. Bright copper colored pistils evenly distributed over the bud, and a frosted layer of iced out trichomes casting a glistening shine.

Scent – Potent terpenes released to the air as soon as exposed, releasing powerful emissions still in its full form. Taking on wafts full of strong skunk, mixed with an equally potent scent of sweet floral herbs.

Smoke – Giving off a lighter grey ash, with peppering flaking, and building up an oily resin ring. An on point transition coming through in the taste, taking in deep inhales infested by deep sweet floral, paired together with skunky herbs. Once released, that floral flavor continues its dominance, with mild herbs, and a distinct sweetened lingering earthiness.

High – 11 Week Pink a hybrid (70/30) being led by its Indica dominance. A stone that approaches with no time to waste. A battle ensues with your eyelids from completely attempting to close. Loading your head with a  euphoric boost, and you’re propelled into an uplifting mood, full of bliss. Gaining a warming feeling of relaxation spread over your entire body, leaving you to muster up any motivation. Excellent for getting toasted after a long day of work, or night time with eventual sedative qualities that can easily be used to assist sleep.

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