Review | Black Diamond

Photo of Black Diamond taken by Reviewer CrunchSandwich

Black Diamond – One Two Treez

Looks surprisingly well for what’s labelled as AA. This bud has some bag appeal besides maybe a better haircut. A frosty dark forest green with purple hues all over. Once it’s busted it’s drowned by the darkest almost purple black, que the name.

Smells like a weedy chemical blackberry. Smidge of sugary cream which is the sweetness to it.

Tastes like a mild version of the smell. Wasn’t strong but it was noticeable. Clean exhale and taste even with the salt and pepper ash.

Finally it had a good stone. It wasn’t a knock out indica. Having a high tolerance, after an hour I found myself going back chase the dragon. It does have that mild indica benefit with a relaxing body high. Good for beginners. 6.8/10


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