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Photo of Ice Cream Cake taken by Reviewer J Neutron

Ice Cream Cake Reviewed by J Neutron

Rating: AAA+

Buds arrived of medium size and conic shape, ever so slightly sticking to each other out of the bag. Bright green and green variations deck the surface area are separated only with the modest presence of pistils, giving users a familiar look that is well manicured. Texturally speaking, this batch carried more of a bend, crack and snap due to its dense nature and cure – still sticking to your fingers with moderate handling and giving your grinder a little resistance.

Ice Cream Cake felt appropriate to dive into first as it embodies a few characteristics I’m quite fond of. Cake and baked sugar forward, this sweet treat is backed up with a gassy, spicy and herbal palate. These aromas are pungent, present and translate well into flavour when burnt, giving users an enjoyable experience as well as an intoxicating one. Body-centred, this buzz arrived strong but in a pleasant fashion by adjusting your body weight to feel floaty and adrift; both physically and mentally. This ICC hits well above its weight and would be recommended for anyone.

Quality: 7.5/10

Value: 9.5/10 [$140oz]


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