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Photo of the Animal Mint Cookies taken by reviewer Rosebud

Animal Mint Cookies aka Animal Cookies

Lineage: Animal Cookies x Sin Mint Cookies

Bred by Seed Junky Genetics

Cultivated by Onetwotreez

Sourced from Onetwotreez

Bag appeal

These gorgeous looking medium and large sized buds are beautifully hand trimmed and with a great cure. Perfectly dense, they are just slightly spongy and sticky to the touch as well as a bit greasy. Beautifully colored buds with not much green peeking through the eye catching pastel like shades of purple that are further complemented by the thin and wispy dull orange pistils and heavy layer of resinous trichomes with quite a few tiny outer heads still intact. Very nicely done!


The nose right out of the bag is great with delicious sweet and creamy cookie dough that has a light fruity twist and a soft minty finish with a touch of gas and once busted it all intensifies, especially the fruity terps as they are now overtones and are very creamy. The taste is more of a peppered and earthy cookie with what starts as a hint of mint at the end but becomes more pronounced as the joint burns and leaves a minty freshness that lingers on the palate after smoking. Joints burn perfectly even and are very smooth while producing a salt and pepper ash


An awesome high from this AMC that sets in behind the eyes and is very euphoric as well as calming and stoney while following closely behind is a warming relaxation throughout my entire body that relieves chronic pain and builds quickly becoming near couchlocking but not quite. A great stone that’s perfect to unwind and relieve stress and best suited for late afternoon/evening use though I have enjoyed it on a relaxing day too

Overall this one was good but I really wish the sweet and creamy fruitiness would have translated to the taste which left a little something to be desired but still tasted great nonetheless. Gorgeous colored buds with great bag appeal, nice terps, a good even and smooth burn to a salt and pepper ash, with a nice indica leaning high. I rate this

Quality 8.7/10

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