Review | Gelato #45

Photo of our Gelato 45 Cannabis taken by review Stonerscotian

Gelato #45 by StonerScotian

These super purpled out buds are just glistening with trichomes. The buds are on to medium to large size with a pretty firm density to them. Trimmed and cured expectational. The aroma is of a sweet gassy earthiness that is loud.

Upon smoking I tasted a sweet fruity creamy taste with a bit of earth to it. Smoke was ultra smooth and fulfilling. Burned amazing in a joint, being slow even and continuous. The ash was light gray and there was a nice grease ringer happening.

I found this to be a medium to high potency Indica dominate hybrid. At first a euphoria hit me and I felt cerebral vibe. I was feeling positive and I was in a good mood. Then after a bit I felt really relaxed along with a sleepy relaxation.

Quality – 9.25 Value – 8.75


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