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Photo of Goji Berry Breath taken by reviewer Milo902

Goji Berry Breath

Grade: AAAA- Price:$140

Company: OneTwoTreez

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Beautiful frosty looking herb at first sight!

Sticky, rock solid, chunky, crispy large and amazingly manicured. Buds are so frosty and caked in milky crystals and huge furry gleaming trichomes I can barely see the color! But I’m seeing mostly lime green with some forest green peeking through. Smell is delicious! Pungent sweet creamy vanilla gas ⛽ fills the air as soon as I bust/agitate the herb! Taste is very dessert like! Sweet creamy vanilla dough/cookie🍭🍪🎂 with hints of piney gas that leaves you guessing! Very smooth slow resinous burn with a small oil ring with an almost pure white ash🥳👌🏽!!! High is cerebral! Very above the shoulders, I’m feeling happy, upbeat, deep thinking, alert and very relaxed! Heavy head and eyes and sunk pretty deep in the couch! Definitely going to game for a few hours!


Very nice herb overall! I’m definitely impressed! Look is exceptional ,taste is very nice and high is very relaxing! I’d recommend this herb for evening/night-time smoking or using as a sleep aid🔥!!


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