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Photo of our Jellysickle weed taken by StonerScotian

Jellysickle Reviewed by StonerScotian

Appeal: Medium to large meaty chunky nugs, with a deep beautiful purple coloring. Having a heavy blanket of trichomes.

Denesity: Being pretty well rock hard with no spongeyness on touch.

Smell: Having a sickly sweet creamy fruity aroma with a tones of blueberry.

Cure/Trim: Cured perfectly, not being to dry or humid. Trimmed expectionally well, seeing no leaf.

Taste: Tasted sweet like cookie with a fruity creamyness to it. Very intoxicating and addictive taste.

Burn: Had a slow, greasy, even and continuous burn the whole way through a joint. The ash was light gray/white

Potency: I found this to be a medium to high potency slightly dominate hybrid.

High: This had my mind hazy and a bit forgetful. I was blissful and at ease with everything, having an uplifted feeling. After a bit, I found it hard to get up off the couch.

Value: Valued at 150 a zip before any coupons.

Quality – 9.3 Value – 9


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