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Photo of our Animal Mint Cookies weed taken by Humber420

Animal Mint Cookies Reviewed by Humber420 / Next-Cell

Animal Mint Cookies  AAAA

OneTwoTreez –

Their packaging has consistently been professional, discreet and damage free, with shipping only taking 3 quick days.

Bag Appeal –  These medium & large sized, fairly dense buds are nicely iced out with frosty trichomes. The darker green & purple highlights really look amazing against the lighter more vibrant orange and greens. My Ranking: AAAA

Smell – The smooth, nutty, sweet & minty herbal notes have a unique, exotic, medium strength aroma. My Ranking: AAAA

Cure – The cure is a bit crispy but still feels a little sticky in the middle & when ground up. When squeezing the buds between my fingers they don’t break up easily. My Ranking: AAAA-

Vape Sessions – I find the sessions to be great in all of my vape devices. The hits are nice & smooth, with a nutty, sweet herbal/minty flavour. Lots of hits too! My Ranking: AAAA

Potency/Buzz – The buzz is potent and strong, with a balanced hybrid high. First the buzz feels uplifing, happy, creative and spacey. The buzz then settles down into a relaxing, spacey,  sedative and  couch locked feeling. I found the buzz best for evenings/nights and the high is long lasting & munchie inducing. My Ranking: AAAA


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