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Photo of our Jellysickle weed taken by Humber420

Jellysickle Reviewed by Humber420/Next-Cell

Jellysickle AAAA

Their packaging has consistently been professional, discreet and damage free, with shipping only taking 3 quick days.

Bag Appeal – Medium & large sized chunky nugs that are trimmed great & covered in glossy trichomes. The varying shades of green contrasts well with the fiery orange pistils. My Ranking: AAAA Smell – The aroma is a medium/strong strength treat for the nostrils. It is a mix of sweet, creamy & doughy, but with a herbal/earthy twist. My Ranking: AAAA

Cure – The cure feels semi sticky on the exterior, with a stickier interior. The ground up weed is uniformly sticky and it feels like a good cure. My Ranking: AAAA

Vape Sessions – Quality sessions in my pax 2, with smooth sweet & creamy cookie flavoured hits. The vapour production is fairly high, with several dozen hits per bowl. My Ranking: AAAA+

Potency/Buzz – This indica dominant strain is the best at evening and nights because it is potent, spacey and relaxing. It is also a great strain for appetite stimulation. The buzz has a burn out causing some sedation.  My Ranking: AAAA


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