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El Chapo OG Reviewed by BBLungz_

Bag Appeal: I received a generous sample from 12Treez in the first place. It arrived in the form of nicely cured deep green buds ranging in size from small to chunky medium. In addition, upon deeper inspection and breaking open the buds, I was met with some impressive tones of purple. The trim is nice leaving a few dark sugar leaves behind. The trichome coverage is large and is consistent all the way through each of these buds. Truly stellar bag appeal.

Aroma/Taste: Right out of the bag I was met with a pungent mix of spice, earth, gas and skunk. Comparatively, the terp profile on this El Chapo is spot on from my last experience with the strain. Again, the smoke is smooth and flavourful, and almost has a spicy hashy vibe to it. Quite tasty.

Effects: Starts out as a potent euphoric head high quickly turns into a potent sedative effect. I took a bowl first thing this AM with intentions to get things done. After my second bowl my ambition quickly vanished. I found myself zoned out, coupled with heavy eyes, and abandoning my tasks. This El Chapo’s effects are strong, long lasting and will most likely have you not caring about a single thing haha. Additionally, I would definitely recommend for a day when you don’t have things to do, or wanna relax after a long day!


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