Review | Gelato #45

Photo of our Gelato 45 Weed taken by Rosebud

Gelato 45 Reviewed by Rosebud

Lineage: Sunset Sherb x Thin Mint GSC

Bred by Cookie Fam Genetics

Cultivated by Onetwotreez

Sourced from Onetwotreez

Bag appeal – medium and large sized beefy buds are tightly trimmed and very dense with a great cure leaving them both sticky and greasy feeling. Some buds are a mix of light green with light and dark purples . While others are mainly purple with light green highlights throughout. All have plenty of thick orange pistils that pop against the dark buds and are covered by a healthy layer of resinous trichomes, some outer heads still intact. Great bag appeal!

Smell/Taste/Burn – proper Gelato terps that right out of the bag are strong with sweet and creamy vanilla dough with candy gas overtones and a delicious fruity finish that has a touch of mint. This becomes much stronger when busted. Joints burn perfectly and with a small oil ring while leaving behind a salt and pepper outer ash with a clean white center

High – a good balance of effects that is also nice and strong. A very euphoric, stoney head high and instant relaxation that starts alleviating pain right away. Remains well balanced throughout and with good potency that is not quite couch locking but a very lazy high that is still best suited for late afternoon/evening use

Overall this one was very nice and exactly what you expect from this strain other than the odd taste of leaf. Good bag appeal, proper terps that translate nicely, salt and pepper ash, and a potent hybrid high. I rate this

Quality 8.75/10


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